Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I go to church and I have a good faith in God (or as my Atheist friend lovingly calls him Sky Daddy).  I do not like bumper stickers. And I really don't like faith based ones.  Generally the person with the Jesus fish on the back of their mini van is all over the road, running lights and flipping the bird to anyone one who gets in the way of her mommy wagon as she hauls ass to bible study and her MOPS group.
When people say to me What Would Jesus Do (WWJD) I always stop to think.  Jesus was the son of God in flesh sent to earth. The bible teaches he was all man, with real emotions, thoughts and feelings.  So when people say WWJD I often think that if Jesus really did  have all the emotions of a man he would have struck a lot of people dead or turned all a-holes into leapors. 
I was walking through the parking lot of church on a Wednesday night  for the weekly children's programs. I was passing by the mini van of a woman I really don't care for (she is friends with a friend and we all went and had a drink one night.  She proceed to mock recycling then defended herself when I called her on it by saying she does teach her kids not to litter so it is the same thing.  She also made a comment against Gay relationships and Homosexuals, I again had some strong words for her. I left early and don't talk to her anymore).  As I past by the back of her car I noticed her license plate cover said WWJD.  I snorted and kept walking.  Then I thought about it.  What would Jesus Do?  I walked back to her mini van and on her dirty back window in big letters wrote I LOVE OBAMA, then went into church.

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