Thursday, April 7, 2011

Slummy-Mummy-Care~Like Obama-Care only trashier

Since retiring from working life we no longer have dental care.  This just entails my family not going to the dentist.  Trying to prevent my daughters from looking like meth heads I decided that they needed to be seen by our dentist since it has been over a year.  If none of you know, a dentist appointment,with xrays, is $200.00.
I decided in order to save a bit of money that my younger daughter didn't need xrays (she has good teeth so I am hoping she doesn't soon look like she is from Pend Orielle county with my cheapness).  As I explained to the hygienist there would be no X-rays for Princess Worthless today she gave me a bit of a look, I said we no longer have dental coverage so I was cutting back, then I spat out "and if you have any used equipment and supplies use those if it will save me more money".
I am sure that will be going in my permanent file.

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