Thursday, April 21, 2011

I may splurge next time

We have three girls in our home.  Not only is there a lot of tears and hair all over the place we also go through a ton of toilet paper.  Because of this I generally buy cases at Costco.  Recently we were running low so I just picked up a big family pack at the grocery store.  Trying to be thrifty (which lately translates into this will bite me in the ass) I started checking prices.  I ended up with, I believe, Charmin but the cheapest version (yes there are all sorts of comfort levels so you pay more to get better toilet paper now I know this). 
This stuff is CRAP.  Every time I wipe I think I am sharping my vagina for battle.  What the heck, this isn't right.  I am going to need reconstructive surgery by the time this family pack is gone.
Back to Costco for me.  Not the best paper but softer than the 20 girt I am using.

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