Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Is think before you speak only for the young?

Why are old people allowed to just say what ever is on their minds?  What gives them this right?  Do they really just get old and their brain filter shuts off or is it a sham that they are pulling on all of us?  Do they get a flier with their first social security check that tells them they can now just open their mouths and say what ever and no one will stop them cuz they are old.  I personally can't wait to be that age.  I am going to rock the retirement home.  I will be the old lady with lots of lipstick and no filter, bring it on.  My husband does very extreme sports and has no fear, plus he has a family history of heart disease so I am pretty much guaranteed to be living alone in my golden age.
My good friend Jersey Girl has a beautiful curly headed, blonde daughter who is absolutely perfect.   She is in her late 30's and plans to have no more children, one perfect one is enough why take your chances.  She has a very dear woman in her life name Julie.  Julie is almost 90 and still lives alone. Julie never had kids and has pretty much adopted Jersey Girl and her family as her own.  Julie believes that Jersey Girl must have another child.  Now I am sure we have all heard the horrors of only children and how awful they will be, but this isn't Julie's point of why another child is needed.  Simply put Julie told Jersey Girl she needs to have another baby in case the first one dies.  Got to have a spare I guess. 

When my first husband died suddenly in 1997 I was 22 years old.  At the funeral I was a mess. After the service ended people started coming up to me and his family hugging us and giving condolences.  Toward the end of the line came a very old, old woman all hunched over and dressed in her very dark blue dress.  I have no clue who she was to this day.  She comes up to me and gives me a huge hug, she was so kind.  Then she pulls back pats me on the back and tells me it is okay honey you are young and pretty you will find another husband.  Wow thank goodness I was pretty, replacing him was going to be a snap.
I know people mean well but for some reason old people seem to get away with a lot more than your average big mouth person.

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