Friday, May 13, 2011

I was raised in a small town

I was born in Detroit and due to a series of events, which included my parents watching a lot of Grizzly Adams (no joke) we moved to the little town in the Pacific Northwest where I grew up.  Small town life is simple I will give you that but I feel I grew up lacking a few social things, plus missing a lot of culture.
With that said...
One day my good friend, and at the time work mate, (we shall call her Palin due to her AK roots and the fact she hates that woman) and I were walking though the skywalks in our city's downtown core to get a nice morning latte as was our typical morning schedule.  It was a VERY cold day with below freezing temperatures.
As I walked through the skywalk between two buildings I looked down to the street below and there I saw a UPS man unload his truck.  Everyone knows the signature brown uniform that the UPS man wear right?  Well as I looked at him on that very cold morning I say aloud "Palin look at that UPS man!  Look at his his uniform, it is so cold he is even wearing a brown full face stalking cap!"  Palin just paused and said to me "He is black, that is not a ski cap."
To this day I am very ashmend. 

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  1. LOL - I remember that like it was yesterday. HATE PALIN