Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Found this on Craigslist

I may have just found the laziest person alive.  This is the actual post from Craigslist ~

5/13-5/27: Do you have extra change
Do you have extra change that you don't want? Well I'm looking for extra change and allot of it, if you do have any change that you don't want then let me know.
You can txt me, (5@$)-xxx-zzzz my name is tim
God bless!!!!!!!

This person is too lazy to even get up, go out to the street corner to panhandle.  He is sitting home waiting for the free change to just start flowing in.  Maybe he should form some sort of pyramid scheme where people sign up to be craigslist panhandler under him.  This is a beggar who now "works from home"
the possibilities are endless.  But what about all the really hardworking panhandler's who actually go to the street corner and brave the elements with their dogs and signs begging for change for food for the poor little dog they have drug out with them for a day of hard begging.  Next they will have to form a panhadler's union to protect their rights and make sure they don't get injured or work too long of hours. 

This whole craigslist thing is really going to put a different spin on begging.

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