Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I hate smokers

I ran in a race this weekend.  Since I have the same body type as Gary Coleman it is safe to say I was no where near a winner of anything.  It was a large run and I just do it cuz I actually find it fun.  There are many people, hundreds to thousands in fact, that were lining the streets watching the race.  Can anyone tell me why you would come out and watch people exercise and then sit there and smoke a cigarette??  Not only do you look like a total douche bag ,you also are blowing your smoke directly into my very enlarged lungs that are huffing and puffing.  I managed to not yell at anyone (well not about the smoking I did make a rude comment to a fellow runner for throwing their energy gel package into a bush).  I just can't believe how stupid and inconsiderate people can be.
Another smoking story....
Four years ago we took are girls to Disneyland.  We were in the large area out front of Cinderella's castle getting a snack.  A man walks past smoking and then proceeds to throw his cigarette butt onto the ground. Seriously you are tossing your trash on the ground at the happiest place on earth?  My husband (a reformed smoker) goes over picks up the butt, takes it to the man, taps him on the shoulder, hands him the butt and says i think you dropped something.  Go husband!

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