Friday, January 14, 2011

Random observations from today

~ The food court line at the north Division Costco is not the Jersey Shore.  Please remove your big a$$ sunglasses before you place your order.  I do realize it has been awhile since we have seen the sun in Spokane but get over yourself and your new purchase from Sunglass Hut.
~ The mullet is alive and well at North Central High School.  I feel bad for the poor girl whose father this is.  I bet I had a crush on him in 1984 when he had the same haircut and carried his boom box around the school at lunch break.
~ No matter how slowly you say you want 14 tacos at Jack-In-the Box and the girl repeats it back to you; you still need to check the board to see that she got your order right.  I realize that this was pushing our luck but seriously I didn't ask them to hold or add anything to them.


  1. My pet peeve: Those that order 14 friggin tacos in the DRIVE THRU! Go inside ya lazy ginger and quit holding up the line.

  2. Oh how I miss you!! Love the commentary and love the blog.