Thursday, January 13, 2011

Okay I am finally doing it

My life is basically one never ending Seinfeld episode.  For years people have been telling me to blog some of the random things that happen to me and my very unique perspective on things.  I am not always politically correct; I just put it out there.  I feel people take themselves way to seriously.  I think once people put their fake walls down and just be real it makes life so much easier.
 I have found in the past few years a great group of friends who are different and every way from me and each other. We mock one another in love and in correction and I love every one of them for their support. This past year I quit my job and went through some huge changes in my life.  I am still soul searching and figuring things out.  I don’t care anymore if people know I have been to counseling (and failed) I just call myself a slummy mummy and make the best of every day.  Some days are easier than others.
Now this blog will not be a day to day journal, it will be flashbacks and random thoughts along with the things that happen that make me stop and think.  Also you need to know that I am a terrible speller and may need to take an ESL class just to make a complete sentence.   I encourage everyone to comment on my posts.  The more insight into life the better.

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  1. As the first official commenter on your blog I would like to say that A.) This could be dangerous, and B.) I am looking forward to it.