Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is that your official diagnosis?

My good friend took her little two year old to urgent care last night for a fever that had gone on for a few days.  I always feel bad when I see a child sick and since I had watched this little girl several days ago I now feel guilty that I probably somehow made her sick, yet another time my inner catholic flares up.
This trip to urgent care reminded me of a time I took my youngest daughter to urgent care a few years back.  My daughter has had chronic ear infections since five months old.  On this occasion she had been running a fever for days and as a precaution I took her in on a Sunday afternoon (a precaution because heaven forbid a mom takes a Monday off with a sick kids without some bastard man at work whose wife stays home with their kids being mad you missed work and then giving you the stink eye).   Generally when she was running a fever an ear infection would come on fast and on numerous occasions had led to her eardrum rupturing.
When the doctor called us back he was an older man and super nice.  He did the general stuff with her, looking in her ears, her throat, listening to her chest.  I told him of her past with the ear infections and her having had tubes at one point.  He told me she didn’t have an ear infection just a bug, which was a big relief to me but I was pissed cuz instead of being in the dirty urgent care I could have been napping on a nice Sunday afternoon.   We talked about her ears having ruptured before and then he gives me a look and asks if she was of Norwegian descent.   Him being an older doctor having been around the block a time or two, I think he has some deep medical secret of some genetic link to her ears.  I tell him no I don’t believe she is of Norwegian descent but I am not sure since both my husband and I are just a mix of everything.  I ask do Norwegians have ear problems.  He looks at me and says no she just has a really big round head so I thought she might be Norwegian. 
I paid my co pay and left.

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